My fantasy animal

My fantasy animal has the body of a chicken, a giraffe, a dragon, a unicorn and an elephant. It eats chocolate and strawberries but hates bananas.  It lives up in the clouds, is very kind and has a lot of friends. With it’s magic horn it helps people with problems.

What about a guess?

Which picture belongs to which description?










a: My fantasy animal has the body of a lizard and wings. It has the face of a bunny and human hair. It lives in the jungle, it can fly and walk across the water. It eats small insects and is very small, too.


b: My fantasy animal has four eyes. It has a mouth and two hooves. It is big and long. It eats chocolate and lives in my house. It has whiskers and a rabbit’s tail.


c: My fantasy figure is part anime, part angel, part snake an part human. It eats fish, lives in the sky. It is very kind but also dangerous. It can fly and loves music.


d: My fantasy animal has the body of a dragon, a lion, an elephant, a bird and a pigeon. It eats anything and lives mainly in castles. Sometimes you find it in cities. It is huge but kind. It can fly and swim.


e: My fantasy animal has a shark fin. It has zebra stripes and many different feet. It also has a small tree on its head. It eats bananas and lives outside. It is big and nice and its name is fantasy animal.


The pictures were drawn and the descriptions made by Cendra, Konstatin, Joel, Joline, Ediz and Gabriel year 4.


Do you want to draw a fantasy animal and describe it? If you want to show it here, send it to info(at)


C a, D e, E b, A c and B d