You might ask yourself, why there were hundreds of pupils with red flecks on their noses yesterday. Don’t worry, there was no disease spreading. We just had the PLATYPUS THEATRE over.

What a great show! And what an inspiring way to practice English!

Clown Willing took us along on a circus clown’s day. In the morning he found out, that his circus had gone. “Where are the circus trucks? Where are the animals? I need your help!” Now we had to help him and his friend “Lester the Jester” to build our own circus. We were acrobats, jugglers, strongmen, tightrope walkers and clowns.

We sang the circus action song with Clown Willing and, believe us, had such great fun!

We are really looking forward to hosting PLATYPUS THEATRE again one day!

The clown who